Since 2004, LP2i Bordeaux, CNRS / IN2P3 / Bordeaux University laboratory provides free of charge and licensing to Geant4 users a Geant4 Virtual Machine with several visualisation, analysis and development tools.

This virtual machine is a set of files that can be used with a virtualization software (tested so far on VMware Workstation Player for Windows or VMware Fusion for Mac), containing the latest version of Geant4 with Rocky Linux system as well as several utility packages (visualisation, analysis, development, …) already installed in a fully operational environment, no system installation required at all.

Once the archive is fully decompressed, these files can be read directly by your virtualization software : launch the virtualization software, open the decompressed files and you will emulate a real Linux machine with the latest supported version of Geant4 already installed including several useful tools